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As we progress towards a future where sustainable and energy-efficient solutions become the norm, it’s vital to consider how we can keep our homes warm without compromising the environment or our pocket. Ducted heating systems are a prime example of efficient and adaptable heating technology. At Bee Warm Heating & Maintenance, we are pleased to provide our customers with this versatile and cost-effective heating solution.



Ducted heating systems, or forced air systems, work by circulating warmed air throughout your home via a network of ducts and vents. The system includes a central heating unit, which produces the hot air, and a series of ducts that distribute this heat evenly around the house. The result is a comfortable, well-balanced indoor temperature.

Unlike traditional radiators that heat a specific area, ducted heating systems can heat your entire home. Furthermore, they provide the ability to control which rooms are heated and when giving you complete control over your home’s temperature and your energy consumption.



Ducted heating systems are both simple in concept and effective in practice. They work by following a straightforward process:

  1. Heating the Air: The process begins with the central heating unit, which warms up the air. This unit can be powered by various sources, including gas, electricity, or an air source heat pump (ASHP).
  2. Distributing the Warm Air: Once the air is heated, it is forced through a network of ducts that run from the heating unit to various rooms in your home.
  3. Releasing the Heat: The warm air is released into your rooms through vents, providing a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout your home.
  4. Recycling the Air: Any remaining cool air is drawn back into the central heating unit via return air grilles and ducts, where it is reheated and circulated back into the home. This process ensures an efficient cycle of heating with minimal waste.


In the warmer months, some ducted systems can also provide cooling. They do this by replacing the warm air with cooled air, essentially working like an air conditioner and offering an all-year-round climate control solution.

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Ducted heating systems are a marvel of modern engineering, combining advanced technology with a simple, intuitive design to create a heating solution that’s both efficient and effective. This innovative system comes packed with features designed to provide ultimate comfort while saving on energy costs. Here are some key features that make ducted heating systems an ideal choice for your home:


Even Heat Distribution: Unlike radiators, which can create hot and cold spots, ducted heating systems distribute heat evenly throughout your home. This uniform heating ensures a comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

Energy Efficient: When used with a programmable thermostat, ducted heating systems can be very energy efficient. You can control the temperature of individual rooms and even set a heating schedule, reducing energy waste and saving on heating costs.

Quiet Operation: Ducted heating systems operate quietly, ensuring your home remains peaceful and tranquil.

Aesthetically Pleasing: As the ducts are hidden away, ducted heating systems offer a clean, unobtrusive heating solution. This feature is particularly beneficial for modern or minimalist homes.



Ducted heating systems are highly flexible, serving as a comprehensive climate control solution. In fact, one of the most beneficial features of these systems is their ability to provide both heating and cooling, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the year. Here’s a detailed explanation of how ducted heating systems function:



The heating process begins with the central unit, also known as the heat pump or furnace. When in heating mode, this unit generates heat, which is then distributed throughout the house using a network of ducts.

Air from inside the house is drawn into the system through return air grilles. This air is directed back to the central unit where it’s warmed. The warmed air is then pushed back out into the house through a series of ducts and vents located in each room.

The cycle repeats, with the system continuously taking in cooler air, warming it, and distributing the heated air around the house, thus maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout your home.



When the weather gets warmer, ducted systems can reverse their operation and provide cooling. The principle is much the same as with heating, but the process is reversed.

During cooling mode, the central unit operates like an air conditioner. It removes heat from the air drawn in from the house, cools it, and then circulates the cool air back into the rooms through the ducts and vents.

This is achieved through a process known as the refrigeration cycle, where heat is absorbed from the indoor air and released outside, effectively reducing the indoor temperature. A refrigerant, a substance with properties that allow it to absorb and release heat, is key to this process.

With a ducted system, you can switch between heating and cooling modes as required, providing complete climate control regardless of the season. This flexibility to heat or cool your home using a single system not only ensures year-round comfort but can also be more cost-effective and space-saving compared to having separate systems for heating and cooling.

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Ducted heating systems are adaptable and versatile. They can function with various heat sources, including air source heat pumps (ASHPs), making them a flexible solution for your heating needs. Here’s how:

1. With ASHPs: ASHPs can generate the heat for these systems, warming the air that’s then distributed around your home. In the summer, the ASHP can operate in reverse, removing heat from the house and expelling it outdoors, essentially providing air conditioning.

2. With Boilers: Ducted heating systems can also work with traditional boilers, using the heat produced by the boiler to warm up the air.

The flexibility of ducted heating systems allows you to select the most efficient and cost-effective heat source for your specific needs.

Regardless of the system you choose, the key is to ensure that your home is well-insulated and draught-proofed to maximise your heating system’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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While ducted heating systems may require a substantial initial investment, the long-term energy savings can be significant. By utilising a programmable thermostat and zoning capabilities, you can limit heating to specific rooms or times, reducing unnecessary energy usage and lowering your utility bills.

Additionally, by using a renewable energy source like an air source heat pump, you can qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. This scheme provides quarterly cash payments over seven years to homeowners who install renewable heating technologies, helping to offset the initial installation costs.



Bee Warm Heating & Maintenance is a trusted provider of heating and boiler solutions, including ASHPs. Here’s why you should choose us:



Our team possesses a deep knowledge of ASHP technology, ensuring efficient and professional installation.


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From initial consultation to installation and aftercare, we offer a complete package to meet all your heating needs.


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We only work with the best brands and products, guaranteeing the longevity and efficiency of your heating system.


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Excellent quick service, would definitely recommend. I was let down by British Gas now cancelling my service contract with them and going to use Bee Warm for all my gas work. Thank you Liam!

Julie Bickerdike


Amazing professional service. My call was answered straight away and I didn’t expect them to come out so quickly on a Friday night.. fast and efficient, would highly recommend and will 100% use them again!

Hayley Barlow


Just want to say thank you to Liam and his team. They have installed a new boiler, from initial contact to completed job, Liam has been fantastic. His communication has been great and the quality of his work is exceptional. He clearly takes pride in doing a tidy job.

Helen Evans


Liam fitted a new radiator for us in our kitchen. The radiator is literally hanging off the wall. The pipes look like they were fitted with a knife & fork. The workmanship and finish of the job is horrendous. I kick myself every time I look at it for letting Liam leave with the...

Stacey Cook


Liam at Bee Warm is very professional, responded to our issue really quickly, gave us a few options with fair prices. Had a new boiler fitted in a better place. Work carried was neat and the space left clean and tidy. Very pleased with the new boiler and new location. 100% recommend Liam.

Katie Garside


I needed a quick quote for some work and Liam turned up quickly and gave me a quote there and then. He's very polite, very patient with a barking dog 😅. He was also able to fit me a new boiler and create more usable worktop space for me. Top blokes!

Craig Herstall

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