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Bee Warm™, 2023


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Boiler Replacement

We recently had the privilege of installing another unit from Ideal Boilers, this time for our dear friend. Sarah and her family had acquired a house that came equipped with a 17-year-old Worcester boiler. Unfortunately, this old unit had reached the end of its operational life and was beyond economical repair.

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Charity Project

Absolutely electrifying teamwork on display; truly, a band of brothers in every sense! The dedication and camaraderie amongst us was unparalleled, and I would jump at the chance to work alongside each one of you again.

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A Festive Emergency

Ever had one of those wild, clock-ticking moments during the holiday season? This was one for the books! Imagine this: It's Christmas time, everything's twinkling, and amidst the festive preparations, I get a call. A boiler emergency!

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